Placing a SketchUp model in Google Earth

Geo-Modeling is the process of creating a model with the purpose of including it in Google Earth's 3D Building layer (making it visible for all Google Earth users). However, you might want to place and preview a model in its proper geo-located place in Google Earth without submitting the model for inclusion in Google Earth's 3D Buildings layer. To place (and preview) a model in your local copy of Google Earth:

  1. Create your model.
  2. Add location information to the model. Refer to Add Location: Adding a location for further information.
  3. If necessary, resize your model to fit the building footprint of the location.
  4. If necessary, reposition your model over the location.
  5. Place the model in Google Earth. Refer to Preview Model: Previewing a model in Google Earth for further information.

Note: This article covers the SketchUp 8 method for viewing a model in Google Earth. Refer to Placing a SketchUp 7 model in Google Earth for information on viewing models in SketchUp 7.