Editing a component instance as a whole

Editing a component instance as a whole
You can edit the component as a whole or edit individual entities within a component. Editing or modifying the component instance as a whole affects only the component instance, not the component definition or other instances.

Scaling a component

Scaling a component as a whole scales the individual component instance, not the component definition, allowing you to have many differently scaled instances of the same component in your model.

A component can become skewed when you scale the component in multiple directions. You can reset both a components scale and skew using the 'Reset Scale' and 'Reset Skew' context menu items.

Flipping a component

You can flip (or mirror) a component along its axes using the 'Flip Along component' context menu item. Choose component's red, component's blue, or component's green depending on the direction to flip the component.

Rotating a component using the Move tool

Components can be rotated using either using the Move tool or Rotate tool. The first rotation method rotates the component about its center of mass and in the planes of the component bounding box. The second rotation method allows you to specify precise rotate planes and center of rotation. See the Rotate tool for further information on this second rotation method. To rotate a component using the Move tool:

  1. Select the Move tool. The cursor will change to a four-way arrow.
  2. Move the cursor over a face that is perpendicular to the desired axis of rotation. Four rotation handles and a protractor appear on the face.
  3. Click on a rotation handle.
  4. Rotate the component.