Export Options dialog box (Mac OS X)

Export Options dialog box (Mac OS X)
This is a Pro only feature.

The Export Options dialog box contains options for exporting 2D PDF and EPS Files.

Image size

The Image Size section of the PDF/EPS Export Options dialog box contains size options for your model.

Match view size

Match view size option is used to force width and height to correspond to the "screen dimensions" of the graphic window (the width and height values end up being the horizontal and vertical pixel counts divided by 72 ppi). Checking this option grays out Width, Height, In Image, and In Model. The values in In Image and In Model are not guaranteed to be valid.

Unchecking this option allows you to control the output size by adjusting Width, Height, In Image, and In Model values.

Aspect ratio button (chain link)

When this button is linked, the height and width aspect ratio is automatically maintained.

When the button is unlinked (broken), the height and width can be maintained separately.


The width and height fields are used to enter a custom width and height for the output image. Note that these options correspond to the dimensions of the graphic window, not the model extents. If the Aspect ratio button is broken, the width and height can be modified independently and the model scale is adjusted accordingly.

Image scale

The Image scale section of the PDF/EPS Export Options dialog box contains scaling options for your model.

In Image/In Model

In Image/In Model fields are used to specify absolute scale your output. The first measurement, labeled In Image, is the measurement of the exported geometry. The second measurement, labeled In Model, is the actual measurement of the object in real scale. For example, for a scale of 1/4" = 1', simply enter 1 inch In Model equals 4 feet In Image.

Note: It is not possible to print a perspective image to scale. Ensure perspective is disabled and you are using one of the Standard Views in the Camera > Standard submenu, to enable this scale option.

Line quality

The Line quality section contains a setting for exported line weights.

Line weight

This option is used to apply a weight to all profile lines, or lines that have space behind them as they are displayed.