Draw menu (Windows)

The Draw menu contains all of the SketchUp drawing tools and provides an alternative to using the, toolbars or keyboard shortcuts.


The Line menu item invokes a Line tool used to draw Line entities, or edges, within the drawing area.

Keyboard Shortcut: L


The Arc menu item invokes an Arc tool used to draw Arc entities, comprised of multiple connected straight line segments (editable as a single curve).

Keyboard Shortcut: A


Use the Freehand menu item to invoke a Freehand tool used to draw irregular, coplanar connected lines in the form of Curve entities.


The Rectangle menu item invokes a Rectangle tool used to draw four coplanar intersecting edges and a subsequent Face entity.

Keyboard Shortcut: R


The Circle menu item invokes a Circle tool used to draw Circle entities.

Keyboard Shortcut: C


The Polygon menu item invokes a Polygon tool used to draw regular Polygon entities, inscribed within a circle, consisting of 3 to 100 sides.