Building position and Google Earth imagery updates

Every time new imagery is added to Google Earth, the imagery alignment shifts slightly. This happens because newer imagery is almost always better aligned than old imagery. Depending on the quality of the old imagery, these shifts may be very small or they may be quite noticeable.

3D warehouse buildings are aligned to Google Earth's imagery, so when the imagery shifts, they may become misaligned. If you received one of the notifications below, then your building position may have shifted after an imagery update:

Your building's position was updated to match a Google Earth imagery shift.
This notification means that we detected an alignment problem with your building, and we automatically re-aligned it with the new imagery. You can check that it's correct using the View in Google Earth link on the model details page.

Google Earth imagery has been updated. Please check your building position and update as required.
In this case, we updated the Google Earth imagery near your building, but we were unable to re-align it automatically. We suggest reviewing your building's position using the View in Google Earth link on the model details page. If the position needs to be adjusted, please edit your model and re-upload it as a revision. We will automatically review it for inclusion in Google Earth.