SketchUp Text Tool: Creating and placing leader text

Creating and placing leader text

Leader text contains characters and a leader line that points (refers) to an entity. To create and place leader text:
  1. Select the Text tool (). The cursor changes to an arrow with a text prompt.
  2. Click on any entity to indicate the ending point of the leader line (the location where the leader should point).
  3. Move the cursor to position the text. The leader line will grow and shrink as you move the cursor around the screen.
  4. Click to position the text. A text entry box appears with default text, such as the name of a component (if the ending point of the leader line is attached to a component), or the square footage of a square (if the ending point of the leader line is attached to the face of a square).
  5. (optional) Click in the text box.
  6. (optional) Enter text in the text box.

  7. Note: Press the ESC key at any point during the operation to start over.

  8. Click outside of the text box, or press the Enter (Microsoft Windows) or Return (Mac OS X) key twice, to complete text entry.
Tip: Press the Esc key at any time to cancel creation of the text entity.

Note: There are two styles of leaders: View Based and Pushpin. A View Based leader will always retain its 2D screen orientation. A Pushpin leader is aligned in 3D space, and rotates with your model as you change your view. You can specify which type of leader is used from the Text panel of the Model Info dialog box.

Tip: Double-click on any face, while in the Text tool, to display the area of the face as a Text entity.

Tip: Type \n followed by a space to start a new line of text (Microsoft Windows)