Rotate Tool: Rotating geometry

Rotating geometry

You can rotate geometry in three different planes in a 3D environment. To rotate geometry using the Rotate Tool:

  1. Select the Rotate tool (Rotate Tool). The cursor will change to a protractor with a circular arrow.
  2. Click on the entity to rotate.
  3. Move the cursor in a circle until it is at the starting point of the rotation.

  4. Click to set the starting point of the rotation. Use the inference tool tips to help you to find the center of the rotation.
  5. Move the cursor until it as at the ending point of the rotation. If the 'Enable angle snapping' checkbox is checked in the Units Panel of the Model Info dialog box, movements close to the protractor result in angle snaps, while those further away from the protractor allow free rotation.
    Note: Press the Esc key at any point during the operation to start over.

  6. Click to complete the rotation.

Rotational stretching with Autofold

The Rotate tool can also be used to stretch geometry by selecting and rotating a portion of the geometry. Any rotational movement that would cause a face to twist in on itself or otherwise become non-planar will activate SketchUp's Auto-Fold feature.