SketchUp Rectangle Tool: Drawing a square

SketchUp Rectangle Tool: Drawing a square
Drawing a square

Squares are created with the rectangle tool in conjunction with the Square tool tip. To draw a Square:

  1. Select the Rectangle tool (Rectangle Tool). The cursor changes to a pencil with a rectangle.
  2. Click to set the first corner point of the rectangle.
  3. Move your mouse to the opposite corner. A diagonal dotted line will appear, along with a Square tool tip, when you are in a position that will create a square.

    Note: Press the Esc key at any point during the operation to start over.

  4. Click to finish.

Tip: A dotted line and Golden Section tool tip appears when you are in a position to create a Golden Section.

Alternately, you can press your mouse button on the first corner of your rectangle, drag to the opposite corner, and release the mouse button.

Tip: Use the Axes tool to re-align the axes, prior to drawing your rectangle, if you want to draw a rectangle that is not aligned with the default drawing axes orientation.