SketchUp Line Tool: Splitting a line

SketchUp Line Tool: Splitting a line
Splitting a line

SketchUp automatically splits line segments when new lines are drawn perpendicular to a line. For example, draw a new line to the midpoint (identified by a cyan square) of another line to split a line in half. The following example shows one line being intersected at the midpoint, resulting in two lines.

Select the original line to verify that the line has been split into two equal segments.

Dividing a line into equal segments
Line segments can be divided into any number of equal line segments. To divide a line into equal segments:

  1. Context-click on a line.
  2. Select Divide from the context menu. SketchUp will place points on the line to show where the line will be divided.
  3. Move the cursor toward the center of the line to reduce the number of segments. Move cursor toward either end of the line to increase the number of segments.
  4. Click on the line when the number of segments you would like is shown. The line will be divided into an equal number of joined line segments.