How do I put my models in Google Earth?

How do I put my models in Google Earth?

Accurate representations of current real-world buildings that are designed to work efficiently in Google Earth may be candidates for inclusion in the "3D Warehouse" folder in Google Earth. If you would like your models to be considered, here's what you need to do.

  1. Use SketchUp to model your buildings. Click here for videos demonstrating best practices. Here are some tips to make sure your models are Google Earth ready:
    1. Model existing real-world buildings. Historical or proposed buildings are great and completely appropriate for the 3D Warehouse, but to be considered for inclusion in Google Earth, the models must represent current structures.
    2. Models need to be light-weight: excess geometry (considered 'high-poly') and high resolution images can make the model unwieldy in Google Earth.
    3. Photo textures can add a lot of realism. It's true: a picture is worth a 1000 words! Consider the following examples:

      Figure 1

      Figure 2

      Figure 2 uses photo textures, while Figure 1 does not. Additionally, Figure 2 contains 288 faces, while Figure 1 uses 4,664.

    4. Make sure your building is properly positioned on Google Earth. Use the 'Place Model' button in SketchUpa to verify that the building looks right - especially with terrain turned on.
    5. Make sure your building is not a duplicate of existing 3D warehouse models. To check, download the 3D Warehouse Network Link and load it into Google Earth. Fly to the location of your model. If your model is not a duplicate of existing models, or if your model is of better quality than existing models, your model will have a better chance of being selected to show in Google Earth.
  2. Post your models to the 3D Warehouse.
    1. At the time of upload, make sure you check the 'Google Earth Ready' option.
    2. Provide a useful, interesting description. Remember, your title and description might be seen by the entire Google Earth community; tell an interesting story!