How do I draw a pyramid (pull up a pyramidal hipped roof)?

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To draw a pyramid (pull up a pyramidal hipped roof):

  1. Use the Rectangle tool to draw a square. You can tell you have a square when a dashed line crossed the rectangle you are drawing and the word "Square" is displayed.

    Draw a square

    Note: when you are drawing rectangular shape, you'll also see dashed line when the rectangle is in the shape of a golden section.

  2. Use the Line tool to draw a diagonal line across the face of the square.

    Draw a diagonal line

  3. Repeat the diagonal line from the other corner creating an X.Draw the other part of the diagonal line
  4. Select the Move/Copy tool and hover over the center point until a green inference point is displayed.

    Find the center point again

  5. Click the centerpoint, start pulling up, click the Up Arrow key to lock the move in the blue direction (up/down), continue pulling up until you reach the desired height, and then click to finish the move.

    Pull up the pyramid