2D Section Slice Options dialog box (Microsoft Windows)

2D Section Slice Options dialog box (Microsoft Windows)
This is a Pro only feature.

The 2D Section Slice Export Options dialog box contains options for exporting 2D section slice files.


The Projection section contains options for selecting the type of exported file.

True section (orthographic)

This option outputs the section slice as a true orthographic drawing. This is useful for creating templates for CD drawings or any other time you want to generate accurate, measurable slices.

Screen projection (WYSIWG)

This projects the section cut as you see it on your SketchUp screen, including any perspective distortion. This is most useful for diagrams that need not be measured.

Drawing scale & size

The Drawing scale and size section of the Section Slide Export Options dialog box contains options to configure the scale and size of the exported section slice.

Full Scale (1:1)

Select Full Scale (1:1) to output your section slice to CAD at a true 1:1 scale.


These values represent the overall dimensions of the slice output, and will update depending on the slice being exported and its scale.

In Drawing/In Model

These controls allow you to specify a certain drawing scale, and follow architectural conventions. The first measurement, labeled 'In Drawing' is the measurement of the exported geometry. The second measurement, labeled 'In Model' is the actual measurement of the object in real scale.

For example, for a scale of 1/4" = 1', simply enter 1 inch in the output equals 4 feet in SketchUp.

Note: You cannot export a perspective screen projection to scale. Also, even if the view is a paraline projection, only faces whose normals are perpendicular to the view angle will be measurable.

AutoCAD version

The AutoCAD section of the AutoCAD DWG/DXF Export Options dialog box is used to select the version of exported DWG/DXF file.

Section lines

The Section lines section of the Section Slice Export Options dialog box contains options to configure the section cut lines of the exported section slice.


Outputs section slice lines at normal width.

Polylines with width

Select the Polylines with width option to output lines as polyline entities.

Wide line entities

Select the Wide line entities to output lines as wide line entities. This option is only available when saving AutoCAD 2000 or later DWG files.

Separate on a layer

The Separate on a layer option is used to output profile lines onto their own layer. This option is useful if you would like to plot profile lines using a different pen weight or quickly change the line width of all profile lines in a separate CAD or Illustration program.

Note: The Separate on a layer option creates a single additional layer for profile edges. SketchUp Layer assignments do not translate directly when exporting 2D hidden line vectors.


When enabled, this automatically sets the width of profile lines by matching the output to the proportions you see in the SketchUp display. If disabled, you can specify an exact width.

Always Prompt for Hidden Line Options

When enabled, the options dialog will come up each time you output a section slice. When disabled, SketchUp will use whatever options were used the last time by default.