Making Annotations

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Annotations are common in design documents, such as those created with LayOut. To create annotations:

  1. Select the Text layer.
  2. Select the Label tool (). The cursor changes to an arrow with the text 'A1' ().
  3. Click on a detail in the model to place the starting point of the leader.
  4. Move the mouse from starting point to define the length of the leader.
  5. Click again to create a text box.
  6. Type text. Text will fill the width of the text box. The text box's length will grow as needed.
  7. Click outside of the text box to finish creating the label.

  8. Select Window > Scrapbooks. The Scrapbooks dialog box is displayed. The Scrapbook dialog box contains a list of all scrapbooks.
  9. Click on the scrapbooks drop-down list. A list of scrapbook documents appears. Scrapbook documents are LayOut documents (some with multiple pages) that contain pre-made elements for your documents. These documents can be modified just as any other LayOut document.
  10. Scroll down to the 'TB-Contemporary' scrapbook file. The first page of this scrapbook file is displayed.

  11. Click on one of the two drawing title graphics at the bottom of the first page.
  12. Move the cursor to the document area. The drawing title graphic follows.
  13. Click anywhere, such as below the model, to place the drawing title graphic. The drawing title graphic is a group, a combination of individual entities (two text strings and a image).

  14. Select the Select tool (). The cursor changes to an arrow ().
  15. Double-click on the group to edit entities in a group. All entities that are not in the group fade.
  16. Double-click on 'Drawing Title' to edit the text string. The text string highlights.
  17. Press the Delete Key. The text string disappears.
  18. Type Joinery Detail.

  19. Click twice outside of the drawing title graphic. The first click exits from editing the text string. The second click exits the group.
  20. Switch to the 'User Content' layer.
  21. Click on the Visibility button for the Text layer. The annotations are hidden.
  22. Click on the Visibility button for the Text layer. The annotations are displayed.

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