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How do I save my preferences and keyboard shortcuts?

System preferences (called SketchUp preferences on a Mac) are automatically saved as you make the changes. Model Info setting changes apply to current model only. If you want to save Model Info settings, save them as a new template, or overwrite the existing template file.

Fog dialog box

Fog is primarily used as a special effect during presentations. Use the Fog menu item within the Window menu to display the Fog dialog box. The following image shows a screenshot of the Fog dialog box on Microsoft Windows:

Shape style

The Shape Style dialog box is used to adjust the fill and stroke for entities shapes in your presentation. The following image shows the Shape Style dialog box on Microsoft Windows:

What's covered in the Advanced Landscape Class?

This class is designed for experienced SketchUp users who want to create custom face-me plants, import and export models to Google Earth, utilize various plug-ins and ruby scripts, model terrain, and understand advanced techniques for working with large files.