Contact SketchUp Pro Technical Support

Contact SketchUp Pro Technical Support

TIP: You can solve many technical problems by simply uninstalling and re-installing SketchUp Pro, OR by Updating the drivers for your graphics card.

SketchUp Pro 2014 FAQs
  1. How do I get SketchUp Pro 2014 up and running on my computer?
    Visit this Blog post for the answer!
  2. How do I migrate my Plugins, Components, or Materials to SketchUp Pro 2014?
    Visit this Knowledge Center article for the answer!
  3. Why don't my plugins work with SketchUp Pro 2014?
    We updated the Ruby framework which all SketchUp plugins use (Learn More). We notified developers about the change, but there are still a number of plugins that will need to be updated to work with SketchUp Pro 2014. Please contact any of the plugin developers who don't have a 2014 version yet and ask them to release an update soon.
  4. Why is my Plugins menu missing?
    You need to have a plugin/extension installed that uses that menu. For example, the "Ruby Script Examples" use that menu.
  5. Can I migrate my toolbar settings from SketchUp 2013 to SketchUp 2014?
    Not at this time, but this is a feature that we'd love to offer in the future!
  6. Does SketchUp Pro 2014 replace SketchUp Pro 2013, 8, 7, etc...?
    Nope! You can have different major versions of SketchUp Pro installed on the same computer, though it's "cleaner" to have just one version.
  7. What is the Upgrade, Maintenance and Support Plan?
    This Knowledge Center article has all the details.
  8. Generate Report doesn't work on SketchUp 2014!
    In SketchUp, click Window > Extension Warehouse > User menu > My Extensions. Update the Dynamic Components extension.

If your serial number does not end with "ALW" or "ALM," contact your SketchUp Pro Reseller for technical support.

         If you're having problems downloading models from the 3D Warehouse inside SketchUp 8, please Download and Install the last version of SketchUp 8 - OR - upgrade to the newest version of SketchUp.
         If the Add Location feature is no longer working, please read this Help Forum thread.

Have a licensing problem? Let our license troubleshooter guide you to the right solution.

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