View tab

View tab

The View tab contains standard view options for the currently selected SketchUp model. Refer to the Standard Views topic in the SketchUp User's Guide for further information on these options.

Scenes Drop-Down List

The Scenes Drop-Down list contains all of the scenes in the currently selected model. Select 'Last saved SketchUp View' from the Scenes drop-down to make the inserted model look exactly as it does when opening it in SketchUp. The scene name will be appended with the word 'Modified' when any setting is changed in LayOut that is not reflected in the original SketchUp file.

Tip: Create a scene in SketchUp for each view you will need in your LayOut document if you want your SketchUp files to retain their exact rendering between SketchUp and LayOut.

Note: LayOut provides one, default, scene titled 'Last saved SketchUp view' containing the last saved view of the model in SketchUp.

Standard Views Drop-Down List

The Standard Views drop-down provides access to standard views: Top, Bottom, Front, Right, Back, Left, and Isometric. Selecting any of these model views will set your active drawing window to that view. The word 'Modified' will appear in the Standard Views drop-down list if the camera is positioned in a non-standard view.

Ortho Button

Click on the Ortho button to toggle paraline and perspective projection. Refer to the SketchUp documentation for further information on paraline and perspective projections.

Note: Click on the Render button in the SketchUp Model dialog box to re-render your model after clicking on the Ortho button (if the 'Auto' checkbox is not checked).

Scale Drop-Down List

Select a scale from the scale drop-down list to change the scale of the currently selected SketchUp model. Check the Ortho button to use the Scale drop-down list. Click on the Add Custom Scale list item to add a custom scale to the list. Refer to the Scale panel in the LayOut Preferences topic for information on adding additional scales.

Note: You can only assign a scale to a model when you are in orthographic or paraline mode.

Preserve Scale on Resize Checkbox

Check the 'Preserve Scale on Resize' checkbox to force your models to maintain a constant size when scaling their bounding box. Uncheck the 'Preserve Scale on Resize' checkbox to scale your model while scaling the bounding box.

Shadows Button

Click on the Shadows button to toggle shadows on or off.

Time Field

Type a time in the 'Time' field to display shadows based on the new time. Use the arrow buttons to increase or decrease the time by one minute.

Date Field

Type a date in the 'Date' field to display shadows based on the new date. Use the arrow buttons to increase or decrease the date by one day.

Fog Button

Click on the Fog button to toggle fog on or off.

Fog Color Well

Click on the Fog Color well to display the Colors dialog box. Choose a color to represent fog.

Use Background Color Checkbox

Check the 'Use Background Color' checkbox to use the background color for fog.