Colors dialog box (Microsoft Windows)

Colors dialog box (Microsoft Windows)

The Colors dialog box contains controls for experimenting with color in your LayOut documents.

Screen Picker tool

The Screen Picker tool, represented as an eye dropper, is used to choose a color from anywhere currently visible on your screen.

Active Color Well

The active color well is next to the Screen Picker tool and contains the current color selection. You can drag and drop colors from this color well onto any shapes in your document (to apply the color as a fill) or into any other visible color well.

The contents of the active color well are maintained as you switch between color pickers, allowing you to use different pickers to create your colors.

Color Picker Tabs

Click on a color picker tab to navigate to a specific color picker. Refer to Color Pickers for further information on each color picker.

Color Picker Controls

The color picker controls, below the color picker tabs, differ for each Color Picker. See the Color Pickers section of this topic for additional information.

User Palette

Use the user palette, below the color pickers, to store any of 32 user-defined colors. To use the user palette:

  • Drag and drop a color from any visible color well, including the active color well, and drop it over a user pallet well to add a color to the user palette.
  • Drag and drop a new color in the place of another color well to replace a well in the user palette.
  • Drag and drop an empty well onto a color to remove a color from the user palette.
Note: The colors in the User Palette are saved in LayOut and can be used between multiple work sessions.