View Menu in LayOut

View Menu in LayOut

The View menu contains menu items that alter the display of entities within your presentation.

Toolbars (Microsoft Windows)

The Toolbars submenu contains items for displaying and manipulating toolbars.

Main Toolbar (Microsoft Windows)
Select the Main Toolbar menu item to show/hide the main toolbar.

Customize (Microsoft Windows)
Select the customize menu item to customize or create a new toolbar. Refer to Customizing a Toolbar or Creating Customized Toolbars for further information.

Restore Default Workplace (Microsoft Windows)

Select the Restore Default Workplace menu item to restore LayOut to its default user interface settings.

Hide/Show Toolbar (Mac OS X)

Use the Hide/Show Toolbar menu item to control the visibility of the toolbar.

Customize Toolbar (Mac OS X)

Use the Customize Toolbar menu item to launch the Customize Toolbar dialog box allowing you to place command buttons on the toolbar.

Show/Hide Grid

Use the Show/Hide Grid menu item to display or hide a grid, to help with the positioning of entities, within the presentation area.


Use the Pan menu item to invoke a Pan tool for


Use the Zoom menu item to invoke the Zoom tool to zoom in or out from your document.

Zoom In

Use the Zoom In menu item to zoom in (closer to the presentation) by 20 percent .

Zoom Out

Use the Zoom Out menu item to zoom out (farther from the presentation) by 20 percent .

Actual Size

Use the Actual Size menu item to return the presentation area to its actual, 100%, size.

Zoom to Fit

Use the Zoom to Fit menu item to adjust the presentation area to fit inside the entire screen.

Start Presentation

Use the Start Presentation menu item to display your document. See Presentations for further information.