Creating a complex shape

Creating a complex shape

You can use the Split and Join tools to create complex or irregular shapes. To create a complex shape:

Draw the shapes that will be combined to create your complex shape, such as an oval with two pie pieces. Notice that the tips of the pie pieces are hidden behind the oval.

  1. Select the Split tool. The cursor changes to a scalpel.
  2. Click on each vertex where the shapes overlap to split the shapes.
  3. Remove any unneeded pieces. The following picture shows the unneeded pieces removed. There are actually four pieces on the right-hand portion of the following image: two arcs segments from the oval and two pie points from the pieces of pie.

  4. Notice that the two pie pieces are still separate shapes from the oval.

  5. Select the Join tool. The cursor changes to a glue bottle.
  6. Click on each line segment in the shape. The oval and pie pieces will join to create one shape.