Smoove Tool: Sculpting a terrain

Sculpting a terrain

To sculpt a terrain:
  1. Create a TIN, such as with the Sandbox From Scratch tool, or import a TIN. The following image shows a flat terrain created with the Sandbox From Scratch tool.
  2. Select the Smoove tool. The cursor changes to an arrow.

  3. Tip: Alternatively, you can preselect a series of points, edges, and faces and then click on the Smoove tool to begin a smoove operation.

  4. Click on a point, edge, or face within the TIN. SketchUp highlights all neighboring vertices to be included in the sculpting operation within the radius specified in the Measurements toolbar. The following image shows the point that was selected (the largest square in the middle) and neighboring vertices.
  5. Note: Remember to ungroup a terrain created with the Sandbox From Scratch tool prior to using the Smoove tool.

  6. Move the mouse up or down in the vertical (blue) direction to sculpt the TIN. The TIN will expand or contract accordingly. You can also type offset value in the Measurements toolbar, such as 10'. The following image shows the terrain resulting from moving the point and neighboring vertices up.
  7. Note: You can sculpt in a direction other than vertical by holding down the Shift key while moving the mouse. However, this operation can result in a non-functional terrain or terrain that can no longer be manipulated in a known way. This operation can only be performed while in active selection (not after preselection).

  8. Smooth and soften the TIN to get your final model.

  9. Tip: Double-click to repeat the last smoove operation.