Flip Edge Tool: Introduction

Flip Edge Tool: Introduction

Flip Edge tool introduction

Use the Flip Edge tool to manually adjust the triangulation for any pair of adjacent triangles in a TIN. This tool is useful in removing flat spots or plateaus in a terrain generated from contour lines. Activate the Flip Edge tool from the Tools menu.

Note: You must enable the Sandbox tools before you can use them. See Enabling the Sandbox tools for further information.

Image 1 contains a terrain with several opposing triangulations (triangles that point opposite to each other).

Triangulations whose sides run north and south create plateaus in the TIN. The Flip Edge tool can be used to flip these triangulations and remove these plateaus (creating slopes). Image 2 shows terrain with the triangulations flipped.

Tip: You can easily see triangles with opposing triangulation by displaying hidden geometry. Turn on hidden geometry (View > Hidden Geometry) to view the triangles in the TIN.