Tape Measure Tool: Measuring distance

Measuring distance

The Tape Measure tool is primarily used to measure distances between two points. To measure a distance between two points:

  1. Select the Tape Measure tool (). The cursor changes to a tape measure.
  2. Click at the starting point of your measurement. Use the inference tool tip to make sure you click on the exact point.
  3. Move the cursor in the direction you want to measure. A temporary measuring tape line, with arrows at each end, will stretch out from your starting point as you move the mouse. The Tape Measure tool's measuring tape line functions like an inference line and will change color to match axes colors when it is parallel to any axes. The Measurements toolbar dynamically displays the length of your measuring tape as you move the mouse around your model.
  4. Note: Press the ESC key at any point during the operation to start over.

  5. Click at the ending point of your measurement. The final distance is displayed.
Tip: You can also click and hold on the starting point of the distance you wish to measure, drag the mouse to the endpoint of the measurement, and release the mouse to obtain a measurement.