Section Plane Tool: Manipulating section planes

Section Plane Tool: Manipulating section planes
Manipulating section planes

You can use the Move tool and Rotate tool to reposition section planes just as you reposition other entities. Additional methods for manipulating section planes follows.

Reverse cutting direction
The direction of a section plane can be reversed by context-clicking on the section plane and selecting reverse from context menu.

Changing the active section plane
Newly placed section planes are active until another entity, such as another section plane, is selected.

There are two ways to activate a section plane: double-click on the section plane while in the Select tool or context-click on the section plane and select 'Activate' from the context menu.

Note: One section plane can be active for each context in your model. Therefore a section plane within a group or component can be active at the same time, because they are in separate contexts, as a section plane outside of any group or component. A model that has a group that also contains two other groups has four different contexts (one context outside of any group, one context inside the top level group, and one context each for the groups contained within the top-level group), and can have four active sections at once.