SketchUp Dimension Tools: Dimension entities

SketchUp Dimension Tools: Dimension entities
Dimension entities

Dimension entities are finite lines with length information allowing you to quickly and effectively communicate key dimensions of your model. Dimensions can move and update automatically as you make changes to your model. Draw dimensions with the Dimension tool.

Each Dimension Object lies in its own plane, which is determined by the entity from which it is drawn and the direction used when it was created.

Dimension display properties, for all dimension entities in your model, can be adjusted using the Dimension panel of the Model Info dialog box.

Changing dimension text
A Dimension entities text displays the dimension by default. You can, however, change the dimension text to include additional information, such as text. Include the symbols anywhere in your text to insert the dimension. For example, The length of this line is .

Warning: Dimensions that have lost their direct link to geometry or that have had their text edited might not show accurate measurements. Select the Highlight non-associated dimensions option in the Dimension panel of the Model Info dialog box to highlight these dimensions in a specified color.