Paint Bucket Tool: Applying materials

Applying materials and color

Ensure you are using either the Shaded or Shaded with Textures style so that you can see materials as they are applied to your model. To apply materials (Microsoft Windows):

  1. Select the Paint Bucket tool. The cursor will change to a paint bucket and the Material Browser is activated. The Materials Browser contains libraries of materials you can paint on faces in your model.
  2. Select a materials library using the drop down list in the Materials Browser. SketchUp contains several default materials libraries, including landscape, roofing, and transparent materials.
  3. Select a material from the materials library.
  4. Click on the faces to paint. The material is assigned to the face.

To apply materials from the Apple Color Picker (Mac OS X):

  1. Select the Paint Bucket tool and then select the material you want to use from the Apple Color Picker. To select a materials library first click the Brick icon at the top of the Color Picker and then select a materials library using the drop down list. Click the Paint Bucket tool's cursor over the entity or selection set you wish to color.
  2. Alternatively, click and drag a material swatch from the Texture Pallet picker and drop it on the a single entity or selection you want to color.