Zoom Tool: Changing field of view

Zoom Tool: Changing field of view
Changing field of view

Field of view, expressed in degrees, refers to the amount you can see of a model. A narrow field of view only allows you to see a small portion of a model, while a wider field of view allows you to see more of a model. Wider fields of view are useful when working inside a room where you might want to see more of the room while you draw. To change field of view:

  1. Select the Zoom tool. The cursor changes to a magnifying glass.
  2. Hold the shift key while moving the cursor up or down. The field of view increases when the cursor goes up. The field of view decreases when the cursor goes down.

Note: The Measurements Toolbar will display field of view in degrees when using the Zoom tool in the field of view mode.

Note: Alternatively, you can select Camera > Field Of View to change field of view.