Match Photo: Taking photos

Taking digital photos for use when matching

Your success with matching depends highly on the quality of photographs taken of your building or structure. Following are a few tips regarding taking photographs:

  • Take photos at a roughly 45 degree angle to each corner of the structure. Match Photo works best on pictures of structures composed of predominantly right angles and taken at a roughly a 45 degree angle from a corner. Following is an example of a photo taken at a 45 degree angle to a corner:
  • Do not crop photos. Match Photo currently requires that the point you aimed the camera at is located in the center of the image (also called the center of projection). Although it may seem possible to use a cropped image, typically vertical lines will not align well across a cropped image and the results will be unsatisfactory.
  • Do not warp photos. Images which have been manually warped using an image processing program, or specialized camera, are not supported by Match Photo.
  • Remove barrel distortion or issues where straight lines are bent away from the center of the image. Barrel distortion typically occurs on wide angle lens cameras. Use a third-party product to eliminate barrel distortion from images prior to using them within Match Photo. All cameras have a little bit of this distortion and it is typically worse around the edges of the image.
  • Avoid stitched images (panoramic images). Stitched images are typically excessively warped and will have multiple vanishing points for each axis.
  • Avoid excessive foreground features. If there are trees and other foreground objects blocking the view of the building, it may be difficult to Sketch Over top of the image.
  • Avoid vanishing points at infinity. Images where you are only adjusting one vanishing point bar, such as an image of a hallway or down a long train track, are hard to use with Match Photo. Images taken with a very long telephoto lens (or a satellite or aerial image) as vanishing point bars will be hard to adjust.