Push/Pull Tool: Creating a volume

Push/Pull Tool: Creating a volume
Creating a volume

Push/Pull tool is used to expand or decrease the volume of geometry in your models. To push or pull faces:

  1. Select the Push/Pull tool (). The cursor will change to a 3D rectangle with an up arrow.
  2. Click on the face that you want to expand or decrease.
  3. Move the cursor to create (or decrease) volume.

    Note: Press the Esc key at any point during the operation to start over.

  4. Click when the volume has reached the desired size.
Note: You can also press and hold the mouse button, drag the mouse, and release the mouse button to create a volume.

Note: When you create a single face, as shown previously in step 4, on the ground plane (the red/green plane), SketchUp assumes you are going to be using that face as the floor of a structure. The front of the face (gray) points down and the back of the face (purple) points up. When you use the Push/Pull tool on this single face (in the blue direction), you are really pulling up from the back of the face. The positive blue direction temporarily acts as the 'below ground' or negative blue direction. A double-click, after performing the initial push/pull, applies a positive amount and returns the entity to the single face you started with.

Note: By default, you can select a face with the Select tool, orbit the model (even so that the pre-selected face is hidden), click on the Push/Pull tool and push/pull anywhere on the screen to push/pull the pre-selected face. This feature allows you to push/pull faces that are normally hard to select.