Position Texture Tool: Wrapping material around a cylinder

Wrapping material around a cylinder

A texture can also be wrapped around a cylinder. To wrap a texture, such as an image texture, around a cylinder:

  1. Create a cylinder.
  2. Select File > Import to insert an image.
  3. Select an image format from the Files of type drop-down list.
  4. Select the image file.
  5. Click the Open button. The cursor changes to the Select tool with the image.
  6. Click in the drawing area to place the starting point of the image.
  7. Drag the cursor away from the starting point so that the image is resized.
  8. Click again to place the image.
  9. Context-click on the image. The Image entity's context menu appears.
  10. Select Use as Material. The image appears in the In Model (Microsoft Windows) or Colors in Model (Mac OS X) material library within the Materials Browser.
  11. Click on the material in the Materials Browser. The cursor changes to the Paint Bucket tool.
  12. Paint the Material on the cylinder. The material will automatically wrap around the cylinder, repeating itself as necessary to wrap the entire model.