Position Texture Tool: Manipulating an image as material using Free Pin mode

Manipulating an image as material using Free Pin mode

Free pin mode is especially useful when using an image as the foundation for geometry. For example, you can use a picture containing a door as the foundation for a photo-realistic door in a SketchUp model. To manipulate an image using Free Pin Mode:

  1. Create a rectangular face.
  2. Select the File > Import to insert an image, such as the image of a real door. The Open dialog box is displayed.
  3. Select an image format from the Files of type drop-down list.
  4. Click on the 'Use as texture' radio button.
  5. Select the image file.
  6. Click on the Open button. The cursor changes to the Paint Bucket tool with the image.
  7. Click on one corner of the face to place the starting point of the texture.
  8. Drag the cursor away from the starting point so that the texture is resized over the rectangular face.
  9. Click again to place the texture on the rectangular face.
  10. Context-click on the material to display its context menu.
  11. Select Texture > Position. A matrix of dotted lines is displayed on the material to indicate the materials individual tiles. The cursor also changes to a hand and four pins are displayed.
  12. Context-click on the texture.
  13. Select the Fixed Pins menu item if there is a check mark next to the item.
  14. Manipulate the material by clicking, holding, and dragging on one of the pins.

    Note: Single-clicking on a pin grabs the pin allowing you to move the pin to a different location on the texture. This new position will be the starting point for any of the fixed pin mode operations. This action works in both Fixed Pin and Free Pin modes.

  15. When you are finished modifying the texture, context-click and select Done, or just click outside the texture to exit the Position Texture tool.