Offset Tool: Offsetting precisely

Offset Tool: Offsetting precisely
Offsetting precisely

The Measurements Toolbar at the bottom right corner of the SketchUp window displays the length of the offset in the units as specified under the Units panel of the Model Info dialog box, while offsetting entities. You can also specify an exact offset during, or immediately after, an offset operation.

Note: You can type values in the Measurements Toolbar using an alternate measuring system than the default system. SketchUp will convert the value to the default system. For example, you can type in 3' 6" even if you are using metric system as your default.

Entering an Offset Value

You can specify a new offset length during or directly following an offset operation. To enter an offset value during an offset operation:

  1. Select the Select tool (Select Tool). The cursor will change to an arrow.
  2. Select the lines to be offset. You must select two or more connected lines, and all your lines must be coplanar. Use the Command (Microsoft Windows) or Option (Mac OS X) and/or Shift key to change your selection.
  3. Select the Offset tool (Offset Tool). The cursor will change to two offset corners.
  4. Click on one of your selected line segments. The cursor will automatically snap to the nearest line segment.
  5. Move the mouse to define the offset dimension.
  6. Click your mouse to accept the offset lines.
  7. Type the positive or negative offset value (such as 20' or -35mm) in the Measurements Toolbar and press the Enter (Microsoft Windows) or Return (Mac OS X).