Offset Tool: Offsetting lines

Offset Tool: Offsetting lines
Offsetting lines

You can also select and offset connected, co-planar, lines (and arcs) for an offset. To offset lines:

  1. Select the Select tool (Select Tool). The cursor will change to an arrow.
  2. Select the lines to be offset. You must select two or more connected lines, and all your lines must be coplanar.

  3. Select the Offset tool (Offset Tool). The cursor will change to two offset corners.
  4. Click on one of your selected line segments. The cursor will automatically snap to the nearest line segment.
  5. Move the cursor to define the offset dimension.

  6. Click to finish the offset operation.

Tip: You can click once on the selected line segments, drag to set the offset while holding down the mouse button, and release the button to accept.

Note: Offsetting an Arc entity will create a Curve entity that cannot be edited. The original Arc, however, can still be edited after this operation.