Follow Me Tool: Automatically extruding a face along a single surface path

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Automatically extruding a face along a single surface path

The simplest and most accurate way to extrude a face along a path is to have the Follow Me tool automatically select and follow a path on a single coplanar surface. To automatically extrude a face along a path on an single surface using the Follow Me Tool:

  1. Identify the edge of the geometry you want to modify. This edge will be your path.
  2. Draw a profile of the face that you want to follow the path. Make sure that this profile is approximately perpendicular to the path.

  3. Select the Tools > Follow Me.
  4. Press and hold the Alt (Microsoft Windows) or Command (Mac OS X) Key.
  5. Click on the profile that you created.
  6. Move the cursor off the profile surface onto the surface around which you wish to sweep. The path will automatically close.

    Note: If your path consists of the edges around a single surface, you can select the surface and then the Follow Me tool to automatically follow the edges around the surface.

  7. Click to commit the follow-me operation.