SketchUp Line Tool: Drawing a line

SketchUp Line Tool: Drawing a line
Drawing a line

Lines can be placed on existing faces or separate from existing geometry. To draw a Line:

  1. Select the Line tool (Line Tool). The cursor changes to a pencil.
  2. Click to set the starting point of your line.

    Note: Press the Esc key at any point during the operation to start over.

  3. Move the cursor to the ending point of your line. As you draw a line, the length is displayed dynamically in the Measurements Toolbar.
  4. Click to draw your line. This ending point can also be the starting point of another line.

The line length can be specified precisely using the Measurements Toolbar either before clicking the second point or immediately after the line has been drawn. See Creating Precise Lines for further information on using the Measurements Toolbar with Line entities.

Tip: Alternately, you can click and hold the mouse button to set the starting point of the line, and drag outward without releasing the button to set the length. Release the mouse button to complete the line. See the Drawing panel of the Preferences dialog box for further information on setting drawing behavior.