SketchUp Circle Tool: Editing an extruded circle

SketchUp Circle Tool: Editing an extruded circle

Editing an extruded circle

When you use the Push/Pull Tool to extrude a 2D circle, a special cylindrical Surface entity is created. To change the size of the extruded circle:

  1. Select the Move tool (Move Tool). The cursor will change to a four-way arrow.
  2. Click on one of the four cardinal points (indicated by a vertical dashed line) on the side of the extruded circle.
  3. Move the cursor inward to decrease the size of the extruded circle or outward to increase the size of the extruded circle.

Circle segmentation
Circles with more line segments appear to have smoother curvature than circles with fewer line segments. However, more line segments increases the size of your model and degrades performance. You can often achieve acceptable results by indicating small segmentation and using smoothing and edge softening to create the impression of smoothness.

Circle deformation
If an Arc is deformed in a way that destroys its radial definition, such as with a non-uniform scale operation, it will become a non-parametric Curve entity. Polyline curves can no longer be edited as arcs.