Customizing the toolbar (Mac)

You can modify the Toolbar by adding, removing, and repositioning controls within the Toolbar. To customize your Toolbar:

  1. Select View > Customize Toolbar, or Context-click on the Toolbar and select Customize Toolbar from the context menu, to customize the controls that are visible in the Toolbar. The Customize Toolbar dialog box appears.
  2. Perform one of the following Toolbar customizations:
    • Drag the controls from the Customize Toolbar dialog box, to the desired position in the Toolbar, to add a control to the Toolbar.
    • Drag a control from the Toolbar and drop it anywhere outside of the Toolbar to delete a control. A smoke cloud will appear indicating that the control has been removed.
    • Drag a control left or right, within the Toolbar, to reposition the control.
  3. Click the Done button in the Customize Toolbar dialog box when you have finished customizing your Toolbar.
Note: Remove all of the controls from your Toolbar and drag the default set of controls to your Toolbar to reset the Toolbar controls to its original state.