Tool bar context menu (Mac)

Tool bar context menu (Mac)

The Toolbar context menu is activated by context-clicking on the Toolbar. This menu contains options for manipulating the appearance of your Toolbar.

Icon & Text

The Icon & Text option allow you to display both icons and names of controls in the Toolbar. The Toolbar shows both controls and their labels as a default.

Icon Only

The Icon Only option allows you to only display icons for controls in the Toolbar.

Text Only

The Text Only option allows you to only display the names of controls in the Toolbar.

Use Small Size

The Use Small Size option provides additional space in the Toolbar by shrinking the size of individual icons. This option does not change the size of textual names or icon groups, such as the Display Style group of controls.

Remove Item

The Remove Item option removes the control that you have selected.

Keep Item Visible

The Keep Item Visible option keeps the toolbar item always visible when the window is resized.

Customize Toolbar...

The Customize Toolbar... menu item displays the Customize Toolbar dialog box containing all of the controls that can be placed in the Toolbar.