SketchUp menu (Mac OS X)

SketchUp menu (Mac OS X)

The SketchUp menu contains menu items that control the SketchUp application, including items to show and hide SketchUp, application preferences, and the SketchUp license manager.

About SketchUp

The About SketchUp menu item activates the About SketchUp dialog box, containing the SketchUp version number, contact information, and a link to the SketchUp web site.

About Plugins

The About Plugins submenu contains information about each SketchUp plugin, such as the 3DS exporter.


The Preferences menu item opens SketchUp's application preferences for setting various global settings for the program.


The License menu item displays SketchUp's licensing dialog box used to enter a new license, determine which licenses are currently in use, and view a list of all available licenses. Directions for entering a new license should accompany any new license.

Check for Update

The Check for Update menu item checks to see if you have the most current version of SketchUp. You will be prompted to download the current version if your version is out-of-date. An Internet connection is required to use this feature.


The Services menu item provides access to Mac OS X's system-wide services, which might vary on different computers depending on additional functionality of your other applications.

Hide SketchUp

The Hide SketchUp menu item hides SketchUp and all of its open drawing windows, allowing you access to other programs running in Mac OS X. Clicking on the SketchUp icon in your Dock returns SketchUp to view.
Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcut: Command+H

Hide Others

The Hide Others menu item hides all visible applications except SketchUp allowing you to focus on SketchUp alone. Clicking on any icon in the doc will return that application to view.

Show All

The Show All menu item unhides all running programs in Mac OS X.

Quit SketchUp

The Quit SketchUp menu item quits SketchUp and closes all open documents. You will be prompted to save any unsaved work before SketchUp exits.
Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcut: Command+Q

= Functionality only available in SketchUp Pro