Help menu (Windows)

Help menu (Windows)

The Help menu contains items relating to receiving help with the product. These items include the SketchUp on-line user's guide, a quick reference card, and video tutorials.

Welcome to SketchUp

The Welcome to SketchUp menu item launches the Welcome to SketchUp dialog box.

Help Center

The Online Help Center menu item launches the SketchUp Help Center in your default web browser. This web site contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and a knowledge base of technical support issues and solutions.

Contact Us

Select the Contact Us menu for contact options.


The License submenu includes several options allowing you to view and manage your SketchUp license.

License Info
The License Info menu item displays information about your SketchUp license, including the type of license and serial number.

Use the Authorize menu item to authorize your SketchUp license to extend the use of SketchUp beyond the 8 hour trial period. Click on this menu item to display the SketchUp Authorization Screen. Type in the authorization number, provided when you buy SketchUp, to authorize SketchUp.

Use the UnAuthorize menu item to unauthorize your SketchUp license. This menu item is used primarily when switching from a single-user license to a multiuser network license.

Warning: SketchUp will not run after you unauthorize your license. You must authorize a new single-user or network license to use SketchUp again.

Set Network License File
Use the Set Network License File menu item to relocate the network license file on the network.

Unset Network License File
Use the Unset Network License File menu item to delete the location of the network license file on the network.

Lan License Monitor
The Lan License Monitor menu item displays the LAN License Monitor dialog box. This dialog box displays single user licenses on the network.

Check for Update...

The Check For Update menu item checks to see if you have the most current version of SketchUp. You will be prompted to download the current version if your version is out-of-date. An Internet connection is required to use this feature.

About SketchUp...

The About SketchUp menu item activates the About SketchUp dialog box. This dialog box provides information about your SketchUp version and license.