Help menu (Mac OS X)

      NOTICE: SketchUp 2015 is here! When you look at this Knowledge Center article, be sure to pick "SketchUp 2015" from the red box above to see the 2015 version of that content. If there is no version picker, this content applies to all versions of SketchUp.

The Help menu contains items relating to receiving help with the product. These items include the SketchUp on-line user's guide, a quick reference card, and video tutorials.

Welcome to SketchUp

The Welcome to SketchUp menu item launches the Welcome to SketchUp dialog box.

Online Help Center

The Online Help Center menu item launches the SketchUp Help Center in your default web browser. This web site contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and a knowledge base of technical support issues and solutions.

Contact Us

Select the Contact Us menu for contact options.