Measurements toolbar

Measurements toolbar

By default, the Measurements toolbar is located on the right side of the status bar. The Measurements toolbar displays dimensional information while you draw. You can also enter values into the Measurements toolbar to manipulate currently selected entities, such as creating elements of a specific dimension. Other behaviors of the Measurements Toolbar are as follows:

  • You can type a value in the Measurements toolbar before or after an operation is complete as long as the value is entered prior to the start of a new operation. Detailed information on the Measurements toolbar values accepted for each tool appears in the Drawing Tools and Modification Tools sections of this user's guide.

  • You must press the Enter (Microsoft Windows) or Return (Mac OS X) key to accept a typed value.

  • You can change the value of the geometry as many times as you like before you start a new operation.

  • The Measurements toolbar cannot be used again to enter values for a tool once you have exited the tool.

  • SketchUp will display a tilde (~) before the number to indicate that a number is not precise (not within precision settings as set in the Units panel of the Model Info dialog box).

  • It is not necessary to click in the Measurements toolbar before typing. The Measurements toolbar is always awaiting input from your keyboard.

  • You can type values in the Measurements toolbar using an alternate measuring system than the default system. SketchUp will convert the value to the default system. For example, you can type in 3' 6" even if you are using metric system as your default. Units are set within the Units panel of the Model Info dialog box.

  • You must use the appropriate list separator for your region in the Measurements Toolbar. The separator you use depends on your regional settings: English and Spanish language regions (US, United Kingdom, South America, Central America) use a comma and European countries use a semicolon.