What kinds of files can I import into SketchUp?

You can import several types of 2D and 3D files via File > Import.

  • 2D images:
    • JPEG image (.jpg)
    • Portable Network Graphics (.png)
    • Tagged Image File (.tif)
    • Targa File (*.tga)
    • Windows Bitmap (.bmp)
    • Adobe Photoshop (.psd).
  • 3D models and information:
    • SketchUp (.skp).
    • ACAD (.dwg, .dxf) - This is a Pro only feature.
    • Google Earth Files (.kmz).
      Note: You can also import Google Maps imagery and terrain directly into your SketchUp model by clicking File > Geo-location > Add Location.
    • COLLADA (.dae).
    • 3DS (.3ds).
      Note: If you want a 3DS import to include textures, before the import you must save the texture files in the same folder as the 3ds file itself.
    • DEM (.dem, .ddf)