Learning SketchUp (a Trimble product)

Learning SketchUp (a Trimble product)

Everyone learns differently. We have a variety of resources to help you achieve your greatest SketchUp potential. 

Start here: Video tutorials

One of the best places to start is our video tutorials. These short videos cover everything from the SketchUp tools, to advanced SketchUp uses, LayOut, Style Builder, and even using SketchUp with Google Earth. We suggest following along in SketchUp to try out some of the techniques.

Then try: Help Guides

Solidify your knowledge by working through some of our written guides. If you're new to SketchUp the Getting Started Guide and Quick Reference card will be great places to start.


Learn More: SketchUp Help Forum

The SketchUp Hep forum has users of all levels and fields of work. This is an excellent place to ask questions, find answers, and share your expertise.

Other resources:

Self-paced tutorials
If you’re a hands-on person, Self-paced tutorials are a great guide. These SketchUp files give interactive training to help you develop your SketchUp skills. You can download the tutorials from our Self-paced tutorial collection in the 3D Warehouse.

Training programs
If you want in-person training, you can get that too! We have authorized training centers that offer classroom trainings as well as private trainings. For more information, visit the Training section of the SketchUp website.

The SketchUp user interface

SketchUp Instructor: Enable the Instructor (Window > Instructor) to display information related to the currently selected tool.

SketchUp Status bar: Located at the bottom of the SketchUp Drawing Area, the Status bar displays tips for the active tool, including special functions accessible using keyboard shortcuts. Watch the status bar while you are working in SketchUp to discover advanced capabilities of each of the SketchUp tools.