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Searching for and Downloading Models

Maybe you want to fill a 3D model with premade items, such as furniture, doors, or even trees and other landscaping. Or you’d like a 3D model of a building plan that you can customize with an interior design.

Tip: Whatever you need, you may not have to model it from scratch. Instead, search 3D Warehouse and, if you find a model that works for you, download the model into your open SketchUp model or onto your hard drive.

The Search box at the top of the 3D Warehouse interface is the most obvious place to start searching for models. However, 3D Warehouse also has a few search tricks, which you find on the Search Options drop-down menu. To open this menu, click the downward-pointing arrow on the right side of the Search box, as shown in the following figure.

The Search Options menu helps you refine a search for 3D models in 3D Warehouse

The following sections walk you through the different ways you can search, and when you find a 3D model you like, the ways you can insert the model into your SketchUp model or download the file to your hard drive.

Tip: If you need components, the Components browser has a search box that connects to 3D Warehouse and enables you to limit your search to components. For details, see Adding Premade Components and Dynamic Components in the SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro area of the Knowledge Center.
Table of Contents
  1. Searching for models or collections
  2. Doing an advanced search
  3. Downloading a model from the model details page
  4. Managing a downloaded model

Searching for models or collections

By default, when you type a search term into the 3D Warehouse Search box, you’re searching for models. However, you may be able to save a little time by searching for collections of models that other users have already organized. For example, if you want to fill the interior of a model with modern furniture, you can probably find a collection of modern furniture instead of searching for individual pieces of furniture one at a time.

To search for models or collections, follow these steps:

  1. At the top of the 3D Warehouse screen, type your search term in the Search box.
  2. From the Search Options drop-down menu, select Search for Collections to see results that are collections. Or if you want to switch back to searching for models, select Search for Models.
  3. Click the Search button or press Enter, and 3D Warehouse displays results matching your search term.

Doing an advanced search

An advanced search enables you to limit your search results based on a broad range of criteria. Follow these steps to access the Advanced Search page:

  1. From the Search Options drop-down menu, select Advanced Search. The Advanced Search page appears, as shown in the following figure.
  2. Fill out one or more fields to refine your search criteria. The following list explains each option on the Advanced Search page.
  3. Click the Search 3D Warehouse button at the bottom of the Advanced Search screen, and a page of search results appears.
The Advanced Search page in 3D Warehouse

Here’s a brief introduction to each of the advanced search options:

  • Search For: From this drop-down list, you can choose to search for models or collections.
  • With Text: Enter a search term here, and 3D Warehouse searches for models that contain your search term in any text associated with the model (title, description, tags, and so on).
  • Title (Exact Match): If you’re looking for a model with a specific title, type that title here. Your results are limited to models with a title that contains all the terms you type in this field.
  • Description: To search for text only in a 3D model’s description, type the text in this field.
  • Tags: Limit search results to models that have one or more tags. To separate tags, use a blank space or commas. To search for a tag that’s more than one word (like Eiffel Tower), put the term in double quotes (that is, type “Eiffel Tower”). If you type more than one tag, you see only those models that contain all the tags you enter.
  • Author Name: Search based on the model creator’s first or last name.
  • Author ID: If you know only the model creator’s user name, you can search for their models by entering their user name in this field.
  • Find Items CREATED in This Time-Frame: To limit your search results to new models, select an option from this drop-down list. You can specify a time frame as short as 1 hour or as long as 1 year.
  • Find Items MODIFIED in This Time-Frame: To see only models that have been recently modified, select an option from this drop-down list. Again, your options range from 1 hour to 1 year.
  • Model Complexity: If you’re downloading a lot of items into one SketchUp model, your SketchUp model’s file size can become enormous pretty quickly, which can slow down your system. Or perhaps you want only very detailed models. This option enables you to control for model complexity by selecting an operator (such as less than, greater than or equal to, and so on) from the drop-down menu. Then enter a number in the Number of Polygons field. For example, to search for models with fewer than 500 polygons, select the < operator from the drop-down menu and type 500 in the Number of Polygons field.
  • Only Show Dynamic Models: Dynamic models, introduced in Adding Premade Components and Dynamic Components, may have height or width constraints, a predefined set of options, or the ability to move when clicked with SketchUp’s Interact tool (). Select this checkbox to see only dynamic models in your search results.
  • Only Show Printable Models: When you select this checkbox, you see results for 3D-printable models, which are .stl files that you can send to a 3D printer.
  • Sort By: To choose how your search results are sorted, select an option from this drop-down list. You have options for sorting by popularity, alphabetically by title, or by date the model was created.
  • Max Number of Items to Display Per Page: By default, you see all the search results on one page. To limit the number of results per page, select a number from the drop-down list.

You can also type some of these operators directly, you can learn more about the available Advanced Search Operators here.

Downloading a model from the model details page

When you find a 3D model you like in your search results, click its thumbnail image to see the model details page. Your options for downloading the model are a little different, depending on whether you accessed 3D Warehouse via SketchUp or via your web browser.

If you accessed 3D Warehouse via SketchUp, follow these steps to download the model:

  1. On the model details page, click the Download button.
  2. In the Load Into Model dialog box that appears, click Yes to download the model as a component into your currently open SketchUp model, and you’re done. Click No to see more options in the File Download dialog box and move to Step 3.
  3. Select one of the following options in the File Download dialog box (or click Cancel to return to the model details page):
    • Click Open, and a new SketchUp file opens that contains the downloaded model.
    • Click Save, and you can use the Save As dialog box to save the model to your hard drive.

If you accessed 3D Warehouse via a web browser, follow these steps instead:

  1. On the model details page, click the Download button.
  2. If you see a menu of file types, such as a SketchUp file and a Google Earth KMZ file, select which file you want to download. Otherwise, skip to the next step.
  3. After the file downloads (most likely to your computer’s Downloads folder), you can move the file to a new location on your hard drive and/or open the file in any compatible application.

Managing a downloaded model

After the component is successfully loaded into your SketchUp model, simply right-click on the component at any time, hover over 3D Warehouse in the flyout menu and you can see two additional options to keep you connected to the original model in 3D Warehouse: Reload and View Details...

Choosing Reload will bring you to the selected component's details page on 3D Warehouse, where you can download it again, reloading the component with the latest 3D Warehouse version. Alternatively, you can to navigate to a different component and download it to replace the component with a different 3D Warehouse component. If the selected component was not downloaded from 3D Warehouse, this menu item will bring you to the main 3D Warehouse page, where downloading a component will replace your selected component with the one you downloaded.

The View Details... menu item is available only when the component was downloaded from 3D Warehouse. Selecting it will bring you to the component's details page on 3D Warehouse. If you then choose to download a different component, SketchUp will download it as a new component instance in your model – as opposed to replacing your the selected component.


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