Using Street View images to photo texture buildings

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SketchUp allows you to capture images from Street View to texture the buildings you are creating for Google Earth. This feature is specifically useful when Street View images are available for the exterior walls of a building in Google Maps. To capture a Street View image and apply it to a building's exterior wall:

  1. Locate a building in Google Maps ( that you want to model. This building must have Street View images for one or more exterior wall. The following image contains Street View image of two restaurants in Boulder, Colorado:
  2. Note: Visit for further information about Street View.
  3. Model the building in SketchUp. Refer to Placing a SketchUp model in Google Earth for information on how to create a model for Google Earth. The following image contains a basic model of this two restaurants:
  4. Click on one of the building's exterior walls (choose a wall that has a corresponding image in Street View).
  5. Click the Add Photo Textures button (). The Photo Textures window appears.
  6. Navigate (in the Photo Texture window) so you are facing the image of the exterior wall that you have selected in SketchUp. The following image shows the Photo Texture window with the image of front of the two restaurants:
  7. Click the Select Region button. The image in the Street View window fades. A smaller area, the same shape as the wall chosen in Sketchup, appears. This shape represents the portion of the Street View image that you will use to photo texture your building. This shape has four pins. You must position these pins around the portion of the Street View photo that you want to use to texture the wall chosen in SketchUp. The following image shows the faded Street View image with a rectangular shape representing the area of the image that will be used to texture your building in SketchUp:
  8. Click and hold the left mouse button on one of the pins, such as the upper-left pin.
  9. Move the mouse cursor (pin) to a position in the Street View image that represents a corner of your wall, such as the upper-left corner.
  10. Release the left mouse button. The following image shows the upper-left pin placed at the upper-left corner of the Street View image of the two restaurants:
  11. Repeat steps 7-9 for the remaining three pins. The following image shows all four pins placed on all four corners of the Street View image of the two restaurants. The area that is within the four pins represents the portion of the image that will be applied to selected face in SketchUp.
  12. Click the Grab button to grab the selected portion of the Street View image and apply it as a texture to your building in SketchUp. The following image shows your building in SketchUp with the Street View image:
  13. (optional) Further adjust your image using the Texture Position tool. Refer to the Texture Position tool for further information.
  14. Repeat Steps 3-12 for other sides of the building where you have Street View images. The following image shows a finished building with two Street View images applied to exterior walls: