Creating an animation

Creating an animation
Animations are a series of scenes that are displayed in succession to give a hands-free tour of a model. To create an animation:
  1. Select Window > Scenes. The Scenes Manager displays.
  2. (optional) Type the name of the scene in the 'Name' field. For example, type "Front View" if the scene represents the front view of a building.
  3. (optional) Press the Tab key. The cursor advances to the Description field.
  4. (optional) Type a description of the scene in the 'Description' field. The description could be the address of a building, some detail shown in the scene, and so on.
  5. (optional) Deselect any of the Properties to save that you do not want saved with the scene. Refer to Scene Manager Options for further information.
  6. Click the Add Scene button () to add the scene. A scene tab is added above the Drawing Window. The scene tab has the name of the scene you assigned in step 2.
  7. Move to a new location of the model using either the Camera tools or Walkthrough tools.
  8. (optional) Repeat steps 2-7 to add additional scenes.
  9. Context-click on the first scene tab above the Drawing Window. A context menu appears.
  10. Select Play Animation. The animation cycles through each scene.

Refer to Running an Animation for further information.