Placing Models in the Ocean

SketchUp can be used to create three-dimensional models for Google Earth's Ocean layer.

The workflow for creating and placing SketchUp models in Google Earth Ocean layer follows:

  1. Select the Extensions panel in the Preferences dialog box (Window > Preferences on Microsoft Windows or SketchUp > Preferences on Mac OS X). The Extensions panel is displayed.
  2. Select Google Earth Ocean Modeling checkbox. The ocean modeling extension is enabled.
  3. Add a location that is over the area in the ocean where you want to create your model (you can often see terrain under the ocean from the Add Location dialog box). Refer to Adding a location for information on how to add a location to your model.
  4. Create your model on or above the 2D image of the ocean. If you draw your model above the 2D image (so that it floats in the middle of the ocean), you need to know the ocean depth. It is possible to place a model at a distance above the 2D image of the ocean floor such that it appears at or above sea level if you place your model at a height above the 2D image that is more than the depth of the ocean.
  5. Click on the Toggle Terrain button to toggle to a 3D image of the ocean floor.
  6. Reposition the model, adjusting for the terrain in the 3D image.
  7. Click on the Preview Model in Google Earth button to view the model in Google Earth.
  8. Click on the Share Model button to post the model to the 3D Warehouse.