The COLLADA (DAE) Export Options dialog box

The COLLADA (DAE) Export Options dialog box

The Export COLLADA (DAE) Options dialog box contains options for exporting DAE (COLLADA) files.


The Geometry section of the DAE Export Options Dialog box is used to identify the geometry that will be exported.

Export Two-Sided Faces
The Export two-sided faces checkbox is used to export faces twice, once for the front and once for the back. This option doubles the number of polygons in the resulting DAE file and can slow down rendering. However, this option ensures that your model will appear more like it appears in SketchUp. Both faces will always render, and materials applied to front and back faces are preserved. When this option is selected, SketchUp will weld the vertices of the front faces together and the vertices of the back faces together.

Export Edges
The Export Edges checkbox is used to maintain the appearance of a model with edges visible. Note that stand-alone edges are always exported.

Triangulate All Faces
Some 3D modeling tools only support triangular faces. The Triangulate All Faces checkbox is used to break all surfaces into triangles instead of multi-sided faces.

Export Only Selection Set
The Export Only Selection Set checkbox is used to export the currently selected geometry in the drawing area. The entire SketchUp model is exported when there is no selection in the drawing area or when this checkbox is not selected.

Export Hidden Geometry
The Export Hidden Geometry checkbox is used to export hidden geometry within the SketchUp model.

Preserve Component Hierarchies
The Preserve Component Hierarchies option preserves the full component hierarchy and component instancing in the exported .dae file. The component hierarchy will be flattened and component instances will become unique objects if this option is not checked.


The Materials section of the DAE Export Options Dialog box is used to identify how materials will be exported.

Export Texture Maps
Select the Export Texture Maps checkbox to export textures with your DAE file.

Use "Color By Layer" Materials
The Use "Color by Layer" Materials checkbox is used to assign materials to geometry based on your model's layer assignments in SketchUp. Check this checkbox to export materials based on layers, such as when exporting to other rendering applications.

Note: The Export Texture Maps and Use "Color By Layer" Materials options are mutually exclusive.


The Credits section of the DAE Export Options Dialog box is used to identify treatment of credits associated with the model.

Preserve Credits
The Preserve Credits checkbox keeps SketchUp model attribution credits with the DAE file. This is useful when uploading a DAE file to the 3Dwarehouse.