Stitching locations together

You can often get better quality images by flying in close on a location in the Add Location dialog box, but this can prevent you from seeing the entire area you want to use. However, you can easily stitch together multiple terrain images. To stitch together multiple terrain images:

  1. Click on the Add Location button (). The Add Location dialog box appears. This dialog box allows you to navigate a two-dimensional view of the world and find a location for your model.
  2. Find the location where you want your 3D model to appear. There are two ways to find a location:
    1. Manually navigate to the location. Refer to the Add Location Dialog Box for further information.
    2. Type the address in the search field and click the Search button.
  3. Click on the Add Location button in the Add Location dialog box. A 2D image of the current view is placed in SketchUp. This image is locked so that you cannot mistakenly delete it.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 by selecting a location that is within 1000 meters and at the same elevation of the first location. Selecting locations at different elevations or at a great distance apart might result in improperly aligned structures in Google Earth.
  5. Note: The latitude and longitude found in the Model Info dialog box always refers to the center of the first added location.