Storing models for use in Google Earth

Storing models for use in Google Earth

You can store models either in your local version of Google Earth (so they are not available to others) or share them using the 3D Warehouse.

Storing a model locally in Google Earth

To store a model locally in Google Earth:

  1. Locate the model in the Temporary Places folder within Places panel on the left-hand side of Google Earth. Models placed in Google Earth are named SUPreview#, such as SUPreview2.
  2. Context-click on the model name. A context menu appears.
  3. Select the Move to My Places menu item. The model is moved to the My Places folder within the Places panel.
    Note: Only one SketchUp model can exist in Temporary Places at one time. You must store your models in the My Places folder if you want to view more than one of your models simultaneously in Google Earth.

Sharing a model using the 3D Warehouse

To share a model using the 3D Warehouse:

  1. Open the model in SketchUp. The model appears in the drawing area.
  2. Click on the Share Model button in the Google toolbar. The 3D Warehouse appears.
  3. Log in to the 3D Warehouse. You will need a Google account if you do not have one.
  4. Follow the steps to post your model in the 3D Warehouse.